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Affordable dental products, delivered.

No dentists. No appointments. No fuss.

SnowDentium is the quick, affordable alternative to getting appliances from
your dentist.


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We're surprisingly affordable

We're a Small Business With Values

We're a small dental laboratory of which manufactures your dental products and delivers them directly to your door. We've cut out all middle men so that we may offer our customers the lowest prices available. We believe dental care should be available to everyone, not the select few of us.

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Everything’s done at home

And It's Super Easy!

Once your order is placed you'll be sent your home impression kit. Simply follow the instructions to take an impression of your teeth, send them back to us - free of charge - and receive your products.



Product reviews from our lovely customers


Our Product Range


Night Grinding Guards

Our custom made night guards are for anyone who's suffering with bruxism (grinding your teeth, typically at night). Bruxism can cause headaches, jaw pains, earache,  broken teeth, worn-down teeth and other health issues.


Custom Dental Retainers

Dental retainers are to be worn after you've had orthodontic treatment, such as a brace. Dental retainers do not move your teeth, they retain your straight smile.


Professional Whitening Trays

Your whitening trays will be custom made to your unique dental profile. This allows us to create the most secure fit to nullify leakages, whilst providing you with the utmost comfort.


Product Care Center

Keeping everything crystal clear

The product care center has all the information you need for keeping your products in tip-top shape.